Archways - Web Accessibility Statement

Archways is committed to providing web pages that are accessible to all users, including users with disabilities. To this end, the Archways website currently meets W3C Level 1 Web Accessibility guidelines (WAI A). 

Information about Archways Web Design and Web Accessibility

The following technical web design requirements apply to the design and coding of the Archways website.

Navigation and Tables

All data tables have summary tags and blank summary tags for layout tables.

Many links use the title attribute, which describes the links in more detail.

All images use an alt tag or longdesc tag. Blank alt tags are used for bulleted-list images, spacer images, etc.

Font-sizing and Stylesheets
Standard stylesheets have been developed which size fonts consistently across all supported browsers. Stylesheets are used to control the presentation of all web pages and the use of a sans-serif font is set as default. If a browser does not support stylesheets, the content of each page is still readable.

All forms are coded using label and id attributes.

Websites are validated for XHTML 1.0 Transitional using the markup validator and Level 1 Web Accessibility referencing the WAI guidelines.

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Welcome to Archways    

Archways offices have Moved New Address


7/8 Oakfield Industrial Estate, Clondalkin Dublin 22.

Families First Therapy and Blue Skies Teams can be also contacted at the numbers below

Phone NO : 01 4574306/7/8/9 also 01 4574752 


Archways is a national organisation working in collaboration with local and national agencies to promote and research evidence based programmes for children & young people. Archways provides a bridge between evidence based programmes and communities and supports the development of sustainable linked practices that build on existing strengths and resources. Archways was established in 2006. Initially the role of Archways was to promote the roll-out and evaluation of the Incredible Years programme in Ireland. Over the last number of years Archways have begun delivering and supporting other evidence based interventions including the Mentoring for Achievement Programme and Families First.
Clondalkin Behavioural Initiative Ltd, trading as Archways, is a company limited by guarantee not having a share capital, registered in Dublin, Ireland with registered office at 7/8 Oakfield Industrial Estate, Clondalkin Dublin 22. Clondalkin Behavioural Initiative Ltd. is also a registered charity.
Registered Company No.: 430172
Registered Charity No: 17603


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