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Programme description

The Dinosaur Social Skills and Problem Solving curriculum is a child training curriculum that strengthens children's social, emotional, and academic competencies such as understanding and communicating feelings, using effective problem solving strategies, managing anger, practicing friendship and conversational skills, as well as appropriate classroom behaviours. There are two versions of the Dina programme. A prevention version, the Classroom Dina programme and an intervention version, the Small Group Dina programme.

Classroom Dina

The Classroom Dina is delivered 2-3 times a week by facilitators/teachers in the classroom. It consists of 20-30 minute circle time lessons, which incorporate the use of small group practice activities to promote key skills. Within the school context, these concepts can usefully be reinforced throughout the day. Similarly, this programme can be useful within the school as well as preschools and early-years services.

Small Group Dina

This intervention is appropriate for use with small groups of children (no more than 6) experiencing behaviour problems (from pre-school to eight years). This can be used as a pull-out intervention strategy within the school environment, as well as with after-school interventions, and family resource centres. 



Classroom Dina Three day training, additional Peer Support over course of programme delivery recommended (4-6 sessions).

Small Group Dina Three day training, additional Peer Support over course of programme delivery recommended (4-6 sessions).

Programme Delivery: 

Classroom Dina delivered 2-3 times a week by facilitators/teachers in the classroom. It consists of 20-30 minute circle time lessons.

Small Group Dina 2hr once a week session across 20-22 weeks.


Core Training 

  • Incredible Years Classroom Dina Group Leader training (3 days) 750 euro per person
  • Incredible Years Small Group Dina Group Leader training (3 days) 750 euro per person

For large groups please contact Archways (01-4574306) for on-site training quotes.

Peer Coaching

Support for Group Leaders in programme delivery and support them to work towards accreditation. Peer Support is conducted with a small group (max. 4) and the focus of the session is on tape review. Leaders present video clips of themselves delivering the programme for feedback and support. Maximum 4 Group Leaders per session (2 sessions per day) 650 euro

Who delivers the programme 

Classroom Dina Typically the Classroom Dina is delivered by teachers in the classroom. However it can also be co-facilitated by a teacher and classroom assistant or other support staff who have a remit to work in schools during school-time (e.g. SCP Project Workers)

Small Group Dina The Small Group Dina can be delivered within school-time, typically it would be delivered by resource teachers or staff who can take children out of class for the 2hr session. As an after-school programme the Small Group Dina has been used by CAMHS, SCP, Family Resource Centres and more.

Building Sustainability

Accreditation Process An important element of effective implementation, delivery and development of the Incredible Years programmes is the continuing self-assessment and professional development associated with programme fidelity. Archways provide Incredible Years Group Leaders with access to continued support and coaching in order to ensure group leaders continue to develop their delivery skills, get the maximum benefits, and achieve the best possible outcomes from programme delivery. 

Group Leader certification forms a central part of the IY delivery model and group leaders are encouraged to begin delivery as soon as possible after they receive the group leader training and engage with the process of group leader certification. Group Leaders are encouraged to consider the process of certification as part of the training process. In order to be considered eligible for certification group leaders will be required to complete two full groups and provide the relevant paperwork for those sessions as well as submit a tape of programme delivery for review.

The Group Leader certification is a necessary step towards the next level of IY training - Peer Coach training. Trained Peer Coaches can in turn offer support and coaching to newer Group Leaders.

Research Seminar With a growing emphasis on the use of evidence-based programmes and interventions in school and community settings it is important to be aware of the tools used to measure programme impact. Archways research seminar is aimed at both Group Leaders delivering the parent programmes and service managers and will look at research tools for measuring the impact of evidence-based programmes (in particular the Incredible Years Series). 

Implementation Support Archways can provide advice and support to agencies or consortiums on an ongoing basis to support the development of area-based programme implementation. These support sessions can take many forms (typically attendance at steering group/planning meetings). Implementation Support is designed to support programme selection and development and implementation of an Incredible Years plan for the area, matching programmes to existing services and building on the resources available to ensure long-term sustainability of the programmes. 

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