Alice Ann Lee

Coordinator & Clinical Supervisor, Families First

Alice Ann is the Coordinator and Clinical Supervisor of the Families First Team.  She has been implementing and delivering Functional Family Therapy (FFT) since 2007. Her main role is to clinically support the FFT team and manage the Families First service delivery.

Prior to her training as a Functional Family Therapist and Supervisor, Alice Ann received a Masters  in Sociology and is accredited by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board. Alice Ann worked for many years developing behavioural support plans for children with special needs, particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder. As a sociologist, Alice Ann has also contributed to research in this area.

In her capacity as an Education Access Officer for the CPLN Area Partnership, Alice Ann’s primary role was to assist with the implementation of educational initiatives for students from disadvantaged groups with regard to access, retention and participation in education.