Places Available: Dyadic Developmental Practice and Psychotherapy (DDP) – Level One Training

Psychological interventions and parenting approaches with children and adolescents who have experienced developmental trauma and have attachment difficulties

Parenting Classes; parenting; supporting parents;

Archways have a limited number of places remaining on the DDP training that will take place over the following dates: the 2nd, 3rd, 16th and 17th February, 2022 via Zoom. To register your interest or for more information, please email Noel Fox at Archways on

The cost of the training is €950 per person.

This is an introductory course relevant to professionals and therapists who have experience in communicating with and working therapeutically with children and young people and their families. It is focused on families and residential care homes when children have experienced past developmental trauma and have associated attachment difficulties.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy ( DDP) is an intervention model developed by Dan Hughes, Clinical Psychologist from Pennsylvania U.S.A. DDP is family-based and is focused on facilitating the child’s readiness and ability to establish a secure attachment with his/her caregivers.

It is an approach that:

• Integrates recent research in the areas of neurobiology of trauma, early child development and attachment theory, to produce a therapeutic and parenting approach that assists professionals to understand and effectively support children with trauma attachment problems, and their families.

• Communicates playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy (PACE) in order to help the child regulate their feelings (often fear, shame and anger) associated with past experiences and to create together new meanings to be integrated into the child’s life story (autobiographical narrative).

• Recognises the vital role which adoptive parents, foster carers and residential workers play in the recovery of traumatised, attachment-resistant children.

Archways is seeking an Accredited Psychotherapist / Systemic Family Therapist: a part-time 4-day a week post

The successful candidate must have a commitment to work from a strength-based, trauma-informed, youth and family development perspective and preferably have a proven track record of delivering highly effective work with complex families.

For more information click here:

  • For further information, please contact Alice Ann Lee by email:
  • Applications with CV and cover letter to
  • The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 4th February 2022 at 5pm

Mentoring for Achievement

We were delighted to be back delivering in person Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP) training this week! A fantastic group of 10 educators from Fingal took part in the training, kindly funded by basis.point, and in conjunction with our local partner Fingal Children and Young People’s Services Committee.



We Act Campaign Launched

We Act is a campaign to celebrate the impact of Ireland’s charities and community groups.

It elevates the positive stories and acknowledge the remarkable, everyday efforts of thousands of people around the country.

For more information check out the website We Act

It is a collaborative campaign and is supported by The Community Foundation for Ireland RTÉ Does Comic Relief Fund.

basis.point October 2021 Bulletin features launch of Archways Strategic Plan

Many thanks to our funding partner basis.point for the feature in their October 2021 Bulletin on the recent launch of our new Strategic Plan 2021-2025. Thank you to basis.point CEO, Edel O’Malley, who helped launch the plan on the day along with Eiffion Wiliams, National Director Commissioning with Tusla. You can read the feature here: Archways launch new Strategic Plan (

Archways launch new five-year Strategic Plan

Archways have launched an ambitious new Strategic Plan that sets out eight key strategic goals that maps out the work from now until the end of 2025.

The plan was launched at an online event on Tuesday 28th September attended by stakeholders, partners and funders from a range of organisations from across the country. Representatives of two of the organisations who fund the work of Archways formally launched the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 – Edel O’Malley, CEO at basis.point and Eifion Williams, National Service Director for Commissioning at Tusla.

The Strategic Plan has been developed over the last eighteen months and it is built on Archways’ core values such as innovation, the development of quality services, delivering to those most in need and intervening at the earliest possible time. Archways’ vision is ‘to work towards an Ireland where children and families experiencing challenges have the capacity to create lasting positive change in their lives, with access to timely, high quality support programmes’.

Jane Forman, Chairperson (Interim) of Archways speaking at the launch said: ‘This plan has been developed as a collaboration between the Board of Archways and the staff. It aims to build on the work that Archways has been doing over the last 14 years. It will support us to move in new directions and increase our capacity to respond to the needs of children and families in Ireland. A rolling Implementation Plan is being developed in tandem with this Strategic Plan. This will be monitored by the Board and staff to ensure the its’ successful delivery. This has resulted in a plan that has a high level of ownership from the organisation as a whole.’

Hugh Doogan, CEO at Archways added: ‘During the process of developing this plan, Archways, like all services, has had to be innovative and adapt to the global pandemic. This period has reminded us of two important things. Firstly, that timely and caring supports can make the difference between families not coping and families prospering and growing stronger, and secondly that our team in Archways is deeply committed to their work and their flexibility and insight is an important resource both locally and nationally. The plan will be amended to reflect emerging needs, responses and policies. It is ambitious and challenging. However, I believe with the support of our Board and the commitment and quality of our people, it is attainable. We will be responsive to challenges and new opportunities to ensure it is. We look forward to working with a variety of partners at state, regional and local level to bring these programmes to children and families across Ireland, who can benefit so significantly from them.’

The incoming Chairperson of the Board of Archways John Curran highlighted at the event steps being taken by the organisation to improve governance and how foundations to support the successful implementation of the new plan are being put in place.

John Curran will take up the role of Chairperson on the 1st October 2021. Jane Forman will remain on the Board and take up the role of Chairperson of a newly established subcommittee, Strategic Planning & Services.

To read the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 please click here Archways Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Understanding Anxiety and Supporting my Child webinar – part of our basis.point funded initiative

The past year in particular has been a challenging time for families, as everyone navigated the challenges of remote working, home schooling, lack of social contact with family and friends and the subsequent return to schools and offices. Research carried out by Archways highlighted that there is a real appetite among parents to feel better supported at aiding their children’s wellbeing. Our response to this has been the development of our ‘Understanding Anxiety and Supporting my Child’ webinar. This week, we delivered this webinar to parents in our basis.point funded sites in Cork, Wexford, Kilkenny, Waterford and Dublin.

Some of the feedback we received from participants:

“I was so taken with your talk on Tuesday…the explanation of the thinking – worrying – anxiety cycle was excellent, and also the advice you gave to my question on a perfectionist/fear of making mistakes teen”

“Thank you for a really informative and concise webinar. It was great to get all the terms clearly defined and learn some useful tips on how to deal with a worried child”

“Thank you so much for the webinar today. I found it very helpful and will be chatting it through with my husband later. There is so much to take away and implement from it”