For Families

The Incredible Years programme was designed to help children develop social and emotional skills.  The programme works directly with children but also works with parents, teachers and other professionals. It is particularly beneficial for children who have challenging behaviours. The programme has been tried and tested in both the US and the UK and is known to produce positive results for 8 out of 10 children who participate.

Two trained facilitators take parents in groups of about 12-14 and each programme lasts for around 14 weeks with a 2 hour session each week. The work covers all the basic aspects of parenting as well as offering help to individual parents who find their child’s behaviour challenging.

Prior to entering the programme, we spend some time discussing the parent’s interest in the programme and collecting some information about the parent’s needs and those of their children.  We guarantee to keep these details confidential unless there are exceptional circumstances where, for example, a child may be at serious risk.

There are a number of different parent programme designed to suit the age of your child: the Preschool BASIC Parent programme, the School Age BASIC Parent programme, the School Readiness Parent Programme and the Advance Parent programme.

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