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Stressed?? Tired?? Need Parenting Support??

Incredible Years® is a research based positive Parenting Course which has shown to be effective for helping parents manage emotional and behavioural difficulties. A recent research study showed that there were huge improvements in behaviour for 70% of children. Incredible Years® helps parents to build a positive and calm home environment. All children can experience emotional and behavioural difficulties which can put huge stress on families. If you are having difficulty managing routines, mealtimes, getting to school, bad behaviour – then this is the course for you.

The Incredible Years® Parenting programme is a practical course designed to help parents strengthen their parenting skills and reduce behaviour issues.

The Incredible Years® Preschool BASIC Parent course is a 14 week group course. It runs once a week for 14 weeks with each weekly session lasting 2.5hrs. It is designed for parents of children aged 3-9 years and covers a range of topics including: play; routines; behavior issues; time-out; problem solving; limit-setting; consequences; social,emotional and academic skills.

Course materials provided include book and individual weekly handouts.

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