Parent Testimonials

The Changing Lives Initiative Parent Programme

“He is my hero, he’s an amazing little guy. Once I wanted to stop him run, now I want him to fly”. 

“This programme has changed our lives and helped us achieve a happy home for our child”. 

“Daily life was a struggle, the things that most people take for granted like getting out of the house in the morning, doing homework were a challenge and going out for something to eat was a no go. After completing the course we have had an amazing summer as a family with plenty of days our and plenty of meals out”

“It has shown itself in our home life, working with the boys, they are now much more content, happy and carefree which is what childhood should be about. We have received positive feedback from the boys’ teachers which only confirms the positive impact that the Incredible Years programme has had on both home and school”.

“I have met a brilliant group of parents and our WhatsApp group is still very much ongoing and our safe place to fall. We all know what it’s like and we all have each others’ back, When one of us is having a tough day or week, we as a group are there for each other”. 

“I came home on the first day of the course and said to my husband ‘oh my god everyone is in the same boat as us’, instantly I formed a bond with the other mothers and fathers”

“It was hard work for the 5 months of the course but our lives have changed and for the first time in years I can enjoy our little boy. This course has given us so much and I can honestly say that I have never been happier”.

“It was great to see my child for the great little man he is, to be able to understand him better”.

“This course has given me an insight into how difficult it is for him to cope with the way he is, he’s not just being a bold child that won’t listen to you. I realise now it was pure misery for him also, getting given out to for something he had no control over”.

“This course made us see the reason why the bad behaviour happened and they gave us the tools that worked to change the household entirely”.

“It was simple things like getting down to play with the child, engaging with him and letting him feel what is it like to get positive attention for a change”.

“It’s all about ignoring the bad and praising the good. Praising the good things made him feel good about himself while ignoring the bad behaviour meant it was transferring the attention to the good things”.