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Graphic Design – Invite to Quote

Request for Quote for Graphic Design Work

Archways are seeking an appropriately experienced individual / company to work with us to:

  • Produce the overall design for Archways Annual Report 2020 (approximately 32 pages long including full photographic pages). Proof read content and all images will be supplied by the project as a Word document.
  • Produce the overall design for Archways Strategic Plan 2021-2025 (approximately 20 pages long). Proof read content and all images will be supplied by the project as a Word document.

Format required for both documents will be soft copy pdf and will need to be supplied in a suitable format / resolution for dissemination via email; we will however also require a high resolution print ready file for use at a later stage.

The Archways Annual Report 2020 will be provided on Thursday 5th August and required by Wednesday 18th August 2021.

The Archways Strategic Plan 2021-2025 will be provided on Monday 23rd August and required by Friday 3rd September 2021.

Quotations for both of the above pieces of work including a breakdown of hours should be sent to, no later than 3pm on Friday 30th July 2021.

Have you ever thought about becoming a Tusla foster carer?

Tusla – the child and family Agency in Dublin Mid Leinster are looking for people from communities all across the region who might be interested in becoming a foster carer to a child.

Tusla foster carers all have positively transformed the lives of vulnerable children and young people, by helping to provide a safe and loving home environment, where they can grow, flourish and reach the best of their potential.

By offering children the opportunity to remain living in their locality we allow them the chance to stay in their familiar school; attend their regular activities; see their friends and extended family and maintain consistency during a time of enormous upheaval. So we are reaching out to everyone in our community to start the conversation about becoming foster carers.

You could be raising amazing by providing a child or young person with the ordinary things in life.  You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect foster carer.  What you must have is a strong desire to provide a child with nurturing environment in which they can develop. In return, you will gain the satisfaction from helping a child to reach their potential in life, and doing so, creating a long-lasting legacy of change.

Tusla Now Needs:

  • Foster carers from a diverse range of backgrounds.
  • Foster carer at all stages of life
  • We are seeking foster carers just like you to provide a safe and stable environment to a child in need.
  • We require foster carers to assist us with short-term, emergency, longer term and respite fostering around Ireland, especially in the greater Dublin area, and in large urban environments.

Foster carers are a diverse group of people who come from all walks of life.

Foster Carers can be:

  • Couples – married, co-habiting, same gender
  • Single people – widowed, separated, divorced
  • People with disabilities – provided your disability or medical condition does not prevent you from caring for a child
  • People with or without children
  • People who own their own homes, are in private rented accommodation or local authority housing
  • Employed / Unemployed people
  • Those over 40 years of age
  • Those who smoke
  • People from different cultures, ethnic or religious backgrounds – having carers from different cultures allows us to match children and young people with suitable families

However, in All Cases it is Important That:

  • You can provide a stable, nurturing and loving environment for children
  • You relate well to and have respect for children
  • You do not have a Garda record for violence, offences against children or other serious offences
  • You can demonstrate flexibility, openness and patience
  • You are willing to attend training courses to support your ongoing learning and skills base.
  • For more details on our fostering requirements click here
  • You must also abide by our national fostering standards.

If you would like to know more we are holding an online information event on:

Date: July 29th Time: 11.30 am Via: Zoom

To Register for this information session visit;

Tusla Fostering on Eventbrite or email



Download The Changing Lives Initiative App

The Changing Lives Initiative have  an innovative App on ADHD to support families.  The App helps families understand what ADHD is and provides practical strategies and tools for parents to use with their children.  The App is particularly relevant for parents who have concerns about their child’s behaviour but are not yet sure if their child may have ADHD.

The App is also extremely useful for those working with children, in helping them understand ADHD and how they might support children who have issues with inattention, hyperactivity or impulsivity.

Download the App for free at

Archways Systemic Family Support

Archways Systemic Family Support is a pilot programme developed from extensive research by the University of Limerick.  Using a new evidence-informed intervention programme that works with young people, their families and the community.  The programme aims to strengthen families, remove barriers to prosocial opportunities and increase community efficacy.

The programme delivers functional family therapy which has over thirty years of evidence working in partnership with families that have got a little bit stuck.  The therapist will assist the family to develop skills that get them unstuck in a way suited to their family dynamic.  The therapy aims to use the families’ strengths to overcome the families daily struggles.  This is achieved through weekly functional family therapy sessions and regular therapeutic case management support.

In addition, we have partnered with Le Chéile Mentoring Service for young people who are at risk. It is a child-centred service that recruits and trains volunteers from local communities to work with young people and families. Mentoring aims to provide a rewarding experience and opportunity, focusing on personal development, communication skills and improving pro-social behaviour.

Archways Systemic Family Support will partner with the community, local agencies and community organisations to increase community efficacy.  Building on existing initiatives, while identifying and supporting new ideas that have the potential to build the momentum of positive change in the lives of the young people, families and the community of Dublin 17 and Dublin 5.