Our Programmes

The Incredible Years® Series 

The Incredible Years® Series (IY) is designed to prevent and treat emotional and behavioural difficulties in children aged 3 to 10 years. The programme was developed in the University of Washington in Seattle by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton.  The Incredible Years®  series contains three separate training programmes for parents, teacher and children.. [find out more]

The Mentoring for Achievement Programme 

Brenna Bry’s Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP) is an evidence-based programme that uses mentoring procedures to increase school engagement among targeted students who have personal characteristics (for example inattention, disorganization, disinterest or behaviour problems) that interfere with learning. It is a 2-year, school-based programme based on social learning theory...[find out more]

Functional Family Therapy

One of the services offered by Archways is Families First –  a service that meets the unique needs of a young person aged ten to eighteen years and their family in crisis or seeking support. The service is delivered in a manner that assures accessibility to all in venue and time, and takes into consideration families circumstances, transport needs, culture and socioeconomic backgrounds. Families First brings therapy to the client in a flexible and adaptable service.

Families First was developed fourteen years ago and continues to evolve with the growing needs of the community. The service is delivered by an experienced professional eclectic integrative multidisciplinary team. We support the complex needs of the family, in an evidenced intensive systemic approach, inclusive of functional family therapy. Families First operate within an interagency framework.

Families First combines a family systemic and individual psychotherapy intervention, and supports more than one individual in a family system and addresses multiple presenting issues – relational, mental health and addiction issues simultaneously. This support families’ engagement and retention rates in treatment as evidence suggests that the more referral ‘pathways’ that families experience, the more likely they are to disengage from participating in multiple services    As part of our service we deliver Functional Family Therapy which is a relationally systemic evidenced-based therapy for young people between the ages of ten and eighteen.  In addition, Families First Intensive Systemic Therapeutic Service is deeply aware of the trauma that many experience, it incorporates trauma informed therapies, and acknowledges the need and the importance of working with younger children, particularly with trauma, attachment disorder or as part of the family.

Families First, in their fourteen years’ experience, have worked with children and young people at risk or on the edge of losing their home, or in alternative care placements.  Our outcomes data demonstrates that our interventions and treatment with children, young people and their families, have been instrumental in the elimination or reduction of risk. This has played an important role; in the aversion of out of home placements, maintaining foster care placements, transition of children from residential care to foster care, and supporting the return of children from foster care to home.

Families First Multidisciplinary Teams

Have extensive experience, are highly skilled and are accredited with their relevant bodies.

The team have a multitude of skills ensuring that Families First, in the care of the young person and their family, are in a position to match the needs of a client to their therapist skills.

Interventions include the following:

  • Treatment planning – Assessments – Risk Assessments, implementation of pre and post clinical psychometric measures. Psychometric measures scored and evaluated. Report Writing.
  • Family Sessions over a period of 8-12 months. Family Therapy consists of a minimum of one session (1.5 – 2 hours) every week but can happen multiple times per week when needed.
  • Personal psychotherapy for youth and parents when required.
  • Sessions are delivered in the clients’ own homes or where best meets their needs.
  • Flexibility of delivery, including offering evening appointments for families.
  • Attendance at Professional and Child Care meetings
  • Additional contacts – phone support with relevant professionals and family members outside of core sessions.

For more information please contact Alice Ann Lee  alee@archways.ie