Blues Skies UpTo2 Programme

Pregnancy can be a time of joy and wonder. One way or another this is and will be life changing for you. The UpTo2 programme will be there to guide you in your new role as a parent. Remember too that questions are natural and doubts or worries are understandable.

The UpTo2 programme is available to help you with these natural worries and support you and your baby through this time of learning and discovery. It has been specially designed to offer supports to you from pre-birth until your baby reaches 2 years of age.

This programme is supported by the Blue Skies Initiative and is currently being offered free of charge to expectant mothers in North and Southwest Clondalkin by Archways, local Public Health Nurses, Deansrath Family Centre and the Healthy Living Centre.

Sessions offered can include:

  • Preparation for your baby’s arrival
  • The Incredible Years® Parent and Baby programme (which covers areas like your baby’s sleeping, crying and feeding routines)
  • Baby Massage
  • Weaning/Feeding
  • Baby First Aid
  • Return to work/creche selection and suitability
  • Baby Play and Talk development programme
  • Incredible Years® Parents and Toddlers programme

Our Next UpTo2 Programme will be starting in September 2019.

For more information on the Upto2 programme contact the team at blueskiesinitiative@archways.ie

or Deansrath Family Centre directly on info@deansrathfamily.ie