Small Group Dina Training Programme

The Programme

This intervention is appropriate for use with small groups of children (no more than 6) experiencing behaviour problems (from pre-school to eight years). This can be used as a pull-out intervention strategy within the school environment, as well as with after-school interventions, and family resource centres.


Three day training, additional Peer Support over course of the programme delivery recommended (4-6 sessions).

Programme Delivery: 

2 hr once a week session across 20-22 weeks.

Delivery of programme:

The Small Group Dina can be delivered within school-time, typically it would be delivered by resource teachers or staff who can take children out of class for the 2 hr session. As an after-school programme the Small Group Dina has been used by CAMHS, SCP, Family Resource Centres and more.


Refer to Price List 2019

Or for large groups please contact Archways (01-457 4306) for on-site training quotes.

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