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Families First

In August 2011 the team in Families First joined Archways. Families First have been delivering the Functional Family Therapy programme (FFT) in Clondalkin since 2007. The programme is a natural fit with Archways as it is an evidence based intervention designed to support teenagers and their families. Family First is a team of seven  Functional Family Therapists based in Clondalkin who are currently working with families in the Leinster region. They work closely with local and national agencies with referrals coming through TUSLA. Recently  we have branched our Functional Family Therapy service in the South East.

What is Functional Family Therapy?

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a family based therapy programme which has been developed for over 30 years. It is a programme that has been proven in a number of research studies to work for families and young people. It has been used successfully to treat young people and their families coping with relationship issues, emotional and behavioural problems at home, at school, and in the community. Studies show that FFT helps reduce violence and family conflict. FFT works by recognising the importance of family unity, working to improve family relationships, and enhancing family members support for one another.

What we do

Functional Family Therapists believe that all families have strengths that are sometimes overshadowed by difficulties. One of the main goals of Functional Family Therapy is to help families to confront challenges by building positive interactions between family members and encouraging self-reliance and resourcefulness.

How to get in contact

To find out more about Families First and Functional Family Therapy you can phone (01)457 4306/4307/4308/, email

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