The Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP)

Programme Description

The Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP) is an evidence-based programme that uses a distinctive approach to mentoring with students who have personal characteristics like inattention, disorganisation, disinterest or behaviour problems which interfere with their learning in school.

The mentoring approach uses professional adult mentors who engage with the selected students to  encourage them to stop and think and come up ways they can try out to help themselves develop a more focused and thoughtful manner of engaging in school. This process develops skills in students that they can use in their lives beyond school, skills like thinking, problem-solving, patience, risk taking to name a few.

The MAP mentor works with students for two school years. The programme takes place within the school, during school time.

If you want to find out more about MAP go to the Handbook For Schools and Other Lead Agencies which will give you a detailed description of how the programme works, what it is about the MAP approach that makes it effective and the benefits for the students in school and beyond.

A brief video that describes how MAP works



The Newest  trainee MAP Mentors (School Completion Programme) funded by basis.point with Archways trainers Michael Logan and Paul Johnston in Carmichael House, Dublin 1 , October 2018.