Information & Resources

MAP Getting Started
Please consult the
Handbook for Schools and Other Lead Agencies
for details about the set-up and roll-out of MAP in schools. The MAP Mentor’s Manual will also have relevant material but the Handbook contains all that is needed.
MAP mentors who have completed MAP Mentor Training Stage 1 can access all their MAP mentoring material below.

MAP Mentee Information Form

Weekly Mentoring Forms

These are the weekly forms to use doing MAP mentoring so please print them off from here.

MAP Weekly Report Form Primary Schools

MAP Weekly Report Form Secondary Schools

MAP Weekly Points Record

MAP Overall Points Graphs

Group Session Forms

MAP Group Rules

MAP Group Rules Weekly Record

Additional Forms

MAP Goals for the Week – Teachers Copy

MAP Individual Session Permission Form


On Going Training Process
On-Going Training Session Details
MAP Mentor Accreditation

Workbooks and Permission Letters required for the Accreditation process

Accreditation Workbook – Individual Session

Accreditation Workbook – Group Session

MAP Accreditation Recording – Parents Guardians Permission Letter

MAP Accreditation Recording – Schools Permission Letter


FAQs from Teachers