Families First

In August 2011 the team in Families First joined Archways. Families First have been delivering the Functional Family Therapy programme (FFT) in Clondalkin since 2007. The programme is a natural fit with Archways as it is an evidence based intervention designed to support teenagers and their families. Family First is a team of six  Functional Family Therapists based in Clondalkin who are currently working with families in the Leinster region. They work closely with local and national agencies and take referrals from a number of agencies such as CAMHS and other HSE services, schools. GPs, community organisations, probation services and in some cases self-referrals. Recently work has begun to develop a new Functional Family Therapy site in the South East. Training for therapists is due to begin early next year. We are looking forward to updating you on the development of further FFT sites.

What is Families First?

Families First is a service committed to helping young people aged 10-18 and their families struggling with: family conflict, youth-stress, behavioural, emotional, and relationship difficulties at home.

Who are Families First

Our multidisciplinary team includes psychotherapists, psychologists and behavioural analysts. We are trained functional family therapists with extensive experience of working with families with complex needs and have particular expertise in working with clients with trauma or attachment issues.

How do we work?

We take an evidence informed approach and work in a systemic way with our clients. We have extensive experience of engaging with hard to reach young people and families supporting them to fully engage with our service and other relevant services. We are flexible in our approach and match to the needs of the family we are working with. We can provide a service to our clients in their own home, our offices or where ever best meets the needs of the family.

Services to our clients include but are not limited to the following

  • Functional Family therapy (FFT) is commonly used both as evidence based intervention and prevention systemic family programme for at risk adolescents and their families.  It has been applied successfully to a wide range of emotional behavioural and psychological  difficulties experienced by adolescents and their families in a variety of context
  • Intensive support Functional Family Therapy: Our Families First Intensive Support Service has been adjusted to incorporate trauma and attachment informed inputs. This service takes into account the specific characteristics of each family system and also the individual psychological presentations of the young person and their parents.
  • Therapeutic Support for foster care families around attachment, developmental trauma and parenting strategies
  • Therapeutic Support for young people in residential care
  • Therapeutic Support for young People in after care settings
  • A trauma informed service for families who have experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences
  • One to one therapeutic support for individual young people/ their parents or carers in families with complex needs.