Journal Articles

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Using Resilience as a Prism to Examine Children’s Social and Emotional Well-being

Authors: Okakpu, E., McDonnell, S., McHugh, R. (2017)


Ballyfermot Community Alcohol Study 

Authors: Okakpu, E., McDonnell, S., McHugh, R. (2016)


Putting families first: An evaluation of Functional Family Therapy in an Irish context

Authors: Alan Carr, A., Hartnett, D., Sexton, T., Graham, C. (2014)


The Incredible Years Ireland Study – Combined 12 Month Follow On Report (IY Parent & IY Teacher Classroom Management Programmes) 
Authors: McGilloway, S., Ní Mháille, G., Furlong, M., Hyland, L., Leckey, Y., Kelly, P., Bywater, T., Comiskey, C., Lodge, A.,  O’Neill, D., Donnelly, M. (2012)

‘The Incredible Years Parent And Babies Programme: A Pilot Study In West Dublin – Considerations For Future Implementation & Social Policy’ in The Irish Review of CED Law & Policy Volume 1 (2) 2012 (Page 43) 

Authors: Twist, E.,  McDonnell, S., L., Kennedy. (2012)


Mentoring for Achievement: A Pilot Evaluation in an Irish School Setting’ in  Procredia – Social and Behavioural Sciences, Volume 29, 2011, Pages 1012 – 1031 (The 2nd International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology 2011)

Authors: Kelly, A., Butler, M., Twist, E., McDonnell, S., Kennedy, L. (2011).

Conference Report – What’s Working for Children May 2011 

Prepared: Cahill, H. (2011).

Incredible Years Ireland Study ‘Positive Teachers, Positive Classrooms’ (summary report of research findings for the IY Teacher Classroom Management programme)

Authors: McGilloway, S., Hyland, L.,  NiMhaille, G., Lodge, A., O’Neill, D., Kelly, P., Leckey, Y.,  Bywater, T.,  Comiskey, C., Donnelly, M. (2011).

Conference Report – Archways National Conference September 2009

Prepared by: Cahill, H. (2009).

Incredible Years Ireland Study ‘Proving the Power of Positive Parenting’ (summary report of research findings for the IY Parent programme)

Authors: McGilloway, S., Bywater, T., Ní Mháille, G., Furlong, M., O’Neill, D., Comiskey, C., Leckey, Y., Kelly, P.,

Donnelly, M. (2009).

In Trouble From Day One  

Authors: Fleming, T.,  Gallagher, A. (2002)

Pilot Evaluation of Parent Programme

The Incredible Years® Centre in Seattle has an excellent online library with an extensive collection of articles and research documents covering all of the Incredible Years® Series. For those interested in finding out more about the Incredible Years® (IY) and the international research conducted in relation to IY you can find the Incredible Years Library here.