Archways provide a suite of multi-faceted training designed to meet the objectives of both families and service providers.

Archways provides Incredible Years® parent leader trainings for service providers working with families, Teacher Classroom Management for teachers working with primary school students and a range of pro-social skills programmes including the Incredible Years® Dina School Programme for teachers who wish to encourage the development of pupils with deficits in these areas or to generally promote positive, fertile social learning environments for their pupils.

Archways also provide infant and antenatal programmes designed to enable soon to be or new parents to cope with the changing life experiences the arrival of a new child brings. These programmes can be delivered by nursing personnel or community development agencies who focus on the scaffolding of the mother/father dyad from pre-birth to one year.

Archways also provide a tailored evidence based mentoring programme, The MAP Programme, designed to address the needs of children who are at risk of early school leaving or who have developed a pattern of internalising or externalising academic behaviours which place them at risk of school refusal, noncompliance or task completion problems which may lead to school avoidance or escape behaviours. The MAP programme focuses on alleviating and ameliorating the vulnerabilities which children and teens often experience during key developmental and transitional points in their school going lives. MAP provides compressive training and aftercare supports for teachers and other professionals who deal with this at risk and under services population.