Incredible Years®Teacher Classroom Management (TCM)

Programme description

The Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) training programme comprises 6 full-day workshops running at 3-4 week intervals during the school year. The programme is focused on strengthening teacher classroom management strategies, promoting children’s pro-social behaviour, and reducing classroom aggression and noncooperation with peers and teachers. The programme can be useful for teachers, teacher aides, psychologists, school counsellors, and any school personnel working with young children. Workshops cover the following topics:

OnePart 1: Building Positive Relationships with Students

Part 2: Preventing Behaviour Problems - The Proactive Teacher
TwoThe Importance of Teacher Attention, Coaching, Encouragement and Praise
ThreeMotivating Children Through Incentives
FourDecreasing Inappropriate Behaviour: Ignoring & Redirecting
FiveFollow through with Consequences
SixTeaching about Relationships: Emotional Regulation, Social Skills & Problem Solving


How it works

The TCM training involves 6 full day workshops delivered at 3-4 weeks intervals usually during school term-time. Archways typically run 2 TCM terms during the academic year with start dates for courses in Sep/Oct and Jan/Feb.

Who attends?

Teachers and other schools staff including resource teachers and, in some circumstances, special needs assistants. It is very useful for school principals to attend in order to understand the programme and provide support to teachers. It is worth discussing with Archways how to get the right balance of participants on the training before starting.

Refresher days

Some other schools and organisations have chosen to run a ‘refresher’ day for TCM participants approximately one year after completion of TCM 6 day training. Refresher days can be tailored to meet the needs of the group (e.g. full day/half day/ after school sessions). Contact Archways for quote.


CICE/DCU students doing Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management 5th November 2018

Students described the workshop as: ‘well structured … clear … really beneficial … interesting … very informative’.


Other students said

‘The practicality of the workshop was helpful as it showed us how strategies could actually be used’.

‘Enjoyed the discussion and (feel) confident of how I’ll go about implementing the strategies’.

‘I feel I am very well equipped with a variety of useful behaviour strategies that I will use within the classroom’