The Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP)

The Training

Steps to take to train as a MAP mentor

  1. Target agencies – schools, School Completion Programme project staff, other lead agencies – consult the Handbook for Schools and Other Lead Agencies and view MAP Video.
  2. Once it is decided to use MAP in the school:
    • the relevant Memorandum of Understanding (see Handbook pp. 41- 59) is filled in and returned to Archways. Take care to use the appropriate Memorandum of Understanding.
    • A memorandum of Understanding for each school involved is required.
    • The Memorandum of Understanding must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the training.
    • Once Memorandum of Understanding is received Archways will send out the Training Registration Forms to perspective MAP trainees.

MAP mentors are trained in two stages and finish the process as accredited MAP mentors.

School personnel and School Completion Programme staff can train as MAP mentors, as well as relevant other lead agency staff.

The programme does not train volunteer mentors.

MAP Mentor Training Stage 1:

This involves 2 full days training which introduces the programme and gives trainees an opportunity to practice the specific skills required for MAP mentoring.  This enables newly trained mentors to start mentoring with a clear sense of how to conduct MAP mentoring.

MAP Mentoring Training Stage 2:

MAP Mentor Training Stage 2 involves ongoing training which is conducted every 3 or 4 weeks over the phone from the trainee mentor’s own location over the duration of the 1st 2-year round of the programme.  This process develops the mentoring skills in the practical context of the weekly mentoring and ensures the trainee MAP mentors become skilled and competent MAP mentors during their 1st round of the programme.

MAP Mentor Training Stage 2 is completed when the trainee mentor has completed the accreditation process. This is done during Stage 2 with the assistance of Archways staff.

Please note:

Once MAP mentors have completed Training Stages 1 & 2 and the accreditation process they are free to operate as MAP mentors independent of Archways.


For a description of the Mentoring for Achievement Programme please consult: 
  • the Handbook for Schools and Other Lead Agencies
  • the MAP video

Training Dates & Venues

Upcoming training dates and venues will be displayed in News & Updates.

Cost of Training:

This includes the following:

  • 2 days Training and MAP Mentor’s Manual
  • Ongoing training, Supervision Session and Accreditation
  • Preparation/Process
  • All materials required to run the programme.

Payment for MAP Mentor training takes various forms including a centralised Tusla training at a group cost, philanthropy funded training and open training at a cost per participant.

Due to these various methods of payment the cost varies from €0 per trainee to €1,000 per trainee to €1,500 per trainee.