The Mentoring for Achievement Programme (MAP)

MAP mentors are trained in two stages and finish the process as accredited MAP mentors.

School personnel and School Completion Programme staff can train as MAP mentors. The programme does not train volunteer mentors.

MAP Mentor Training Stage 1 involves 2 full days training which introduces and gives trainees an opportunity to practice the specific skills required for MAP mentoring.  This enables newly trained mentors to start mentoring with a clear sense of how to conduct MAP mentoring.

MAP Mentor Training Stage 2 involves ongoing training which is conducted over the phone from the mentor’s own location over the duration of the 1st 2-year round of the programme.  This process develops the mentoring skills in the practical context of the weekly mentoring and ensures MAP mentors become skilled and competent MAP mentors during their 1st round of the programme.

Once MAP mentors have completed Training Stages 1 & 2 and the accreditation process they are free to operate as MAP mentors independent of Archways.

MAP mentor training usually takes place in May/June and in September/October. Please contact Archways in plenty of time to book places on the training.

For a description of the Mentoring for Achievement Programme please go to ‘Our Programmes’ section where you can access Handbook for Schools and Other Lead Agencies.

Training Dates:

Venue: Dublin Tbc

Total Cost – 2 Year Cycle: €1500 euro per participant

This includes:

  • Year 1  2 Days Training, MAP Mentor’s Manual, and Supervision Sessions
  • Year 2  Supervision Sessions and Accreditation Preparation/Process